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These Dutch tastemakers are the nr. 1 on a bun.
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Unleash the spirit of the dog

Chez Jan is all about experience, ambiance, taste and craftsmanship. With its hotdog food trucks and bars it brings its carefully crafted artisan sausage on a bun to festivals and events all over the Netherlands. The sausage and bun have been crafted exclusively by Brandt & Levie and Jordy’s Bakery. The whole line-up is available in a meatless version, while kids can get their hands on a ‘petite’ dog.

2020 Brand strategy - Identity design - Spatial design

Untangle the identity

Chez Jan was defined by its hotdog food trucks and vice versa. Nothing more, nothing less. This limited the brand’s potential. That’s why we’ve untangled the two, opening it up to endless possibilities. By establishing Chez Jan as a brand with a channel strategy, it is able to adopt a wide range of products presented towards new markets.


Everything you give love, grows. 

Alongside the existing food trucks, we’ve added —the brand’s Swiss army knife— the hotdog bar, a horeca delivery service, a hotdog box and its first permanent kiosk to the roster. To connect all these experiences, the brand had to form a solid, multi-faceted foundation. Armed with the best products, the nicest team of dog whisperers and the coolest branding, Chez Jan is now ready to draw new exciting stories and expand with new products.

‘The journey of a strong brand calls for a really good product, hard work, patience, the courage to be different and a lot of trial-and-error. Although this is all true, without the creativity, direction, knowledge, stubbornness and honesty from an awesome agency you’ll be wandering in the desert in no time. That’s why we’re so happy to have Contaínr Affaìrs as a guide in our Chez Jan journey. Especially the people that make this agency.’

Marcel den Ouden, co-founder Chez Jan

Office for mission & vision, look & feel.


We are Containr Affairs, an office for mission & vision, look & feel. Our team of creatives think, make and build for bright entrepreneurs and marketing executives who want to take the lead and change the face of the boardroom. Whatever position your brand is currently in, we help you identify where to go next.

Acclaimed for three practice areas, we work as follows:

Compass. We start by researching cultural shifts that map out the universe your business plays in and how this affects your actions. We connect with your ambitions through conversation before (re)shaping your brand fundamentals, which will lead to clarity, underline culture and foster your ambitions.

Creation. Your brand is a sum of all parts. How it looks and feels. How it talks and sounds, and how it tastes and smells. In this phase we bring fundamentals to life and create you a proper stage performance. Our studio executes creativity without boundaries, to make sure your story is admired on paper, on screen and in-store.

Content. For brands who need to stay relevant on a daily basis, our studio offers high quality and fast production of brand journalism, imagery and graphic design across all channels.

Since 2001 we have delivered results for bars, bodegas and boutique hotels, beer, booze and beverage brands, buildings and building companies, beauty brands and bespoke perfume houses. With most of our clients we have built lasting relationships. Others even became partners in business.

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Partnership for us starts with understanding each other and having conversations. We listen to clients' needs, asking questions about their ambitions and understanding where they want to go so we can create an informed approach.
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