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Born to Inspire

Royal Bliss is a line of premium mixers aimed at the bartender industry that launched in Spain in February 2017. They offer complex, nuanced flavours, exclusively available in glass bottles in high-end restaurants and bars. The mixers are created from a unique blend of complex flavours with more than 40 nuances to combine with dark and clear spirits. This allows for an infinity of compositions, each a unique experience for the senses.

Born to inspire

Royal Bliss is unique in that it doesn’t believe in a perfect serve. The brand has instead chosen to inspire and support bartenders in composing their own remarkable composition – thus leading to the birth of the “Born to Inspire” tagline.

Every serve should be perfect

For Containr Affairs, Born to Inspire meant that the brand was confident enough to imply that any serve could be perfect in its own right. We challenged Royal Bliss to become a co-creator alongside top bartenders, whom we reached out to with a manifesto

Royal Bliss ambassadors

We handpicked a team of 12 free-spirited talented bartenders to carry out the Royal Bliss values with their own touch. Their personal stories will take the brand on new journeys, composing bold sensorial drinking experiences, with the goal of inspiring almost 300 Dutch outlets.

Royal Bliss Academy

To expand the freestyle mentality even further we created the ‘Academy Bartender Program’ in Spain. This two-day trip will engage the senses through ateliers presented by mixologists, chefs and botanists.

Contaínr Affaìrs brought a Royal bliss world to life, starting from creating a visual identity up to the inspiration trip to Barcelona. All with a drive and passion to even further improve it every day.
Caroline de Kok — Brand Manager

To all Pioneers, the Unpolished, Geeks and Liquid Maniacs, This is why we’re reaching out to you. Come with us. Off grid. Scratch the surface. Look a little closer. Dive a little deeper. To unknown terrains, free from whatever framework or codes of perfection. Turn on your imagination. Open up the senses. Let new chords, notes and tastes enter your palate —curiosity first— Let’s push the envelope together.

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