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2016 - Ongoing
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Identity Development
Titia Hahne
Alexander Schakel

Classic quality, Modern performance

Stirlings is a new top oil manufacturer for the automotive industry. An industry known for its cliches and the endless clamour from engines and excited spectators. Containr Affairs decided to help Stirlings emerge from the noise by breaking stereotypes and pushing boundaries.

World of Racing

By focusing on the heydays of vintage racing, we were able to create a completely unique universe and associated lifestyle around the brand. To strengthen this message further we fashioned the slogan ‘Classic Quality, Modern Performance’ and knighted the company with its iconic name, in honor of the legendary racer Stirling Moss.

Clean grids

A bold visual identity and a clean, informative design grid allowed us to make the entire product range future proof. It was our goal to create maximum impact with minimal investment, using standard cans and stripping them back as much as possible. As a result Stirlings could be positioned as something completely unique and different from the rest of the market. Nowadays, Stirlings is a well-established brand, continuing to break boundaries, whilst being sold at numerous locations worldwide.

Bart Broeren — Founder

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We interweave brand strategy, branding and spatial surroundings into multidimensional statements. By triggering business ambitions and visual aesthetics in equal measures, we enable boutique brands and multinationals to take the lead in this ever-evolving landscape. Since 2001 we have focused on the premium food, beverage and hospitality industry, creating from bottle designs to brand names, bars, books, boutique hotels and everything in between. These insights and experiences drawn us into innovation- related industries, which now have become a second nature to us.


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