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From truck trader to mobility partner

Respected truck trader TMH has evolved into a ‘Partner in Mobility Solutions’ offering a wide range of services including full lease options. This shift has transformed its identity to the core. We’ve helped them create the strategic roadmap and tailored a sleek identity that fits TMH’s new proposition. Grand gestures that match the toughness of the trucks and the people who operate them.

Ownership versus Usership

As the global trend moves from ownership to usership, rental subscriptions have become TMH’s main focus. The strategic roadmap that was created, has been a blueprint for a clear-cut and straightforward 7-step-program to a full service rental subscription. It is designed to take away hurdles and answer questions a potential client might have. The program is not only integrated in the tools we’ve created for their sales team, it’s also embedded in the fabric of its organization.

A strategy driven agency championing food, beverage and hospitality industries


We interweave brand strategy, branding and spatial surroundings into multidimensional statements. By triggering business ambitions and visual aesthetics in equal measures, we enable boutique brands and multinationals to take the lead in this ever-evolving landscape. Since 2001 we have focused on the premium food, beverage and hospitality industry, creating from bottle designs to brand names, bars, books, boutique hotels and everything in between. These insights and experiences drawn us into innovation- related industries, which now have become a second nature to us.


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